Top 6 // Cool Alternative Hobby Ideas for Kids

When it comes to hobbies for kids, it can be hard to find an activity that your child will really enjoy. While there are loads of clubs offering football, gymnastics, dance and karate sessions, what options are there if your little one wants to do something other than sports?

To help you find an activity that your child will love, here are 6 cool alternative hobby ideas, for kids that want to try something a bit more unusual.

Gardening //

If you enjoy a spot of gardening, then why not try to get your kids involved? Research has shown that gardening can help kids to develop life skills, as well as improve mental health and boost self-esteem, making it a beneficial hobby. Start them off by providing their own patch or box, where they can dig, grow colourful flowers or even herbs and vegetables.

Painting //

Maybe your child is happiest when they’re being creative? If that’s the case, harness their creativity and introduce them to painting. You can start them off with acrylic paint, brushes and a notepad. As they get older, you could arrange fun days out to provide them with more inspiration.

Magic //

If your child is imaginative and enjoys make-believe, then magic could be the perfect hobby. There are loads of simple magic tricks that they can learn and then enjoy showing to their friends at school. It’s also a hobby that requires them to learn and think, helping to keep their brains active, so it’s a win-win for kids and parents!

Skateboarding //

Skateboarding is a sport that’s come in and out of fashion over the years, but without a doubt, it’s one of the coolest hobbies a kid can have. It’s also a very active hobby, helping to improve and maintain your child’s overall health and fitness levels. To get your child started, buy a cheap skateboard – like these from Skate Hut – and make sure they’re wearing protective clothing! We bought Jack one for Christmas and he absolutely loves it!

Baking //

Every child loves the opportunity to bake with their parents, especially when it involves making cakes. If your little one loves spending time in the kitchen, then baking could be a really fun hobby for them. But of course, this does require close parental supervision!

Photography //

Kids love to get their hands-on technology, whether it’s phones, remotes or cameras. So why not provide them with a fun hobby like photography? Start off by buying them a cheap child-friendly digital camera and watch them with joy as they snap away!

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    Kool article. Inline skating can also be a great outdoor activity for the whole famillyReplyCancel

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