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A family holiday is a wonderful opportunity to make special memories, take lovely photographs and appreciate your other half and your wonderful children. On the flip side, planning a family holiday can be stressful and take a lot of time, from researching a destination and booking, to packing and sorting out documents.

You may decide on a cruise, as with so many places to visit and excursions included, the hard work is done for you, right? Not necessarily. To help you make the most of your much-anticipated family getaway, here are some top tips for cruising with toddlers and kids.


Check Age Requirements //

You may think that you can just pick your preferred cruise, book and then when the time comes, hop on board. However, this may not be the case because some cruises have minimum age restrictions. Although this should be no issue for toddlers or kids, if you plan on travelling with a baby, make sure you research minimum age before booking, as some impose a 12-week age limit.

Lots and Lots of Research //

Looking at destinations and excursions is just not enough when it comes to choosing a cruise. When you are travelling as a family, you also need to consider the availability of any kids’ clubs or organised family activities. Thinking ahead about how you will keep your little ones entertained while onboard is key, as it will both keep you sane and make your holiday more enjoyable.

Plan to Arrive Early //

If your cruise liner will be setting sail from the UK then this may not apply, but for those who need to catch a flight, it’s a good idea to arrive early. This means that if the worst should happen – a delayed flight, lost luggage, or problems caused by bad weather – you should still arrive on time to catch the start of the cruise.

Pack the Essentials //

If you have been on a family holiday before, then you will know that packing for a baby, toddler or child can be very stressful indeed. The best advice is to start early. Make a list, consider if there is anything you will need to buy and pack in advance. Remember to include a light-weight pram (this will be easier for excursions), basic medical supplies, their favourite toys and your tablet loaded with their favourite films or shows.

Adapt Your Cabin //

Your choice of accommodation is crucial to the success of your family cruise. If you have any specific needs, speak to your cruise operator before booking as they may be able to assist. Alternatively, be prepared to adapt your cabin when you arrive as you may need to change the layout slightly to accommodate your family. A Bolsover cruise can be a fantastic holiday, but to make sure your family has the best time possible, use these tips to plan ahead.

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