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A few months ago, I waxed lyrical about the Stokke Crusi pushchair and it still remains a huge hit in the Oakes’ household. Not only is it aesthetically stylish, garnering a huge amount of admiring glances and compliments whenever we leave the house, it’s also a dream to push and most importantly Phoebe loves the high seat position that offers her a great vantage point to have a good nosey. 


In my original review I touched upon how the Crusi offers incredible versatility with the ‘Sibling Seat’ solution. When looking to purchase a pushchair, longevity is a huge factor for most families, so I’ve decided to dedicate a post to the Crusi Sibling Seat to show you how you can adapt your Crusi to suit your growing family and seamlessly transform the Crusi into a double stroller.


sibling seat

The Sibling Seat attaches to the Stokke Crusi chassis using the ‘Sibling Seat Adapter Kit’. The kit comes with 2 plastic seat adapters and a footrest for the Sibling Seat and thankfully there is no need to get your toolbox out. The picture-only instructions are pretty simple to follow, (although I would prefer a few words to accompany the images) and the seat adapters were incredibly easy to clip on. The footrest on the other hand was quite tricky to install because the screws and the screw holes are on an angle making it rather difficult to align, but I did come across this Youtube Video which helped enormously.


Suitable for children from 6 months and up to 15 kg /33 lbs, the Sibling Seat has a fixed recline position and sits directly below the main seat. I’ve always been a bit wary of the ‘double decker’ style pushchairs with one seat on top of the other, as I always felt for the child underneath without a view. But I can honestly say that the times I have popped Phoebe in the Sibling Seat she has been as happy as larry and rather enjoys resting her feet on the underside of the top seat. It is however, definitely not a seat she would tolerate over long distances when she’s awake due to the fixed recline position, but it’s brilliant for nap times or shorter distances when Jack wants to rest his legs.

I’ve road tested and purchased a fair few pushchairs in my time with the little ones and the Crusi is a lot easier to manoeuvre than any of the side-by-side double buggies I’ve tried; it feels very grounded and balanced, you don’t have to worry about doorway widths and navigating it around shops and through busy streets is a breeze.



Jack rarely uses a buggy these days, as he would rather walk or scoot but for longer distances when I know he will get tired I always ensure the Sibling Seat has been attached just in case he needs to rest his legs for part of the journey. It’s great to have the option. It’s also very handy for when my niece and nephew come to stay and Ted, my 2 year old nephew loves riding along with Phoebe (see below!), although I think the novelty wears off slightly when she kicks his chair for the hundredth time!

storyboard493storyboard492Once the Sibling Seat has been installed and you want to install the main seat, you need to chose which position you’d like the main seat to be in (upright or reclined), because the bracket for the Sibling Seat goes over the recline lever leaving you unable to change the seat position once it has clicked into place.


When in use, both seats are parent-facing which I really like, I just wish there was a way that I could utilise the storage basket. As you can see from the image below, access to it is somewhat limited.



The Stokke Crusi Sibling Seat is currently available in seven colours (l to r): Black, Beige, Purple, Brown, Red, Navy Blue and Urban Blue.


I was sent the black Sibling Seat which compliments the Black Melange seat perfectly and like the main seat, the Sibling Seat features a comfortable, padded seat and a retractable sun canopy.


The Sibling Seat retails at £269 which isn’t cheap but essential if you want to make the Stokke Crusi meet the growing needs of your family.


I’m going to re-iterate what I wrote in my initial review; I adore this pushchair.

From the chassis free of visible nuts and bolts ensuring a sleek, streamlined, modern look to the plushest, softest seats that keep Phoebe (and Jack) extremely comfortable, the Stokke Crusi really is top of the class. But above all, it’s the longevity that is one of the biggest draws to the Crusi. The fact that it can be used from birth and incorporates a Sibling Seat makes it a worthwhile investment as it will grow with your family and adapt to your changing needs.

Disclosure*: I was very kindly sent the Stokke Crusi free of charge for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are my own and I’d still rave about it even if i’d paid for it!

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