Six of the best // Books for preparing a toddler for a new sibling

Jack was just over two years old when Andy and I found out we were expecting Phoebe. We were all obviously overjoyed but I was really worried how Jack would react to having a little sister and wanted to prepare him as much as possible about her impending arrival.

Thankfully there are lots of fabulous children’s books available that offer little ones an insight into life with a baby and help children explore all the different emotions that can surface when a sibling appears. I found many of these books invaluable when I was pregnant with Phoebs and Jack thoroughly enjoyed reading them but here are our favourite six books for preparing a toddler for a sibling:

Books for preparing a toddler for a new sibling

1 // There’s a house inside my mummy, £5.24

Written in verse, this little board book tells it how it is through the eyes of a toddler. It’s simple, beautifully written and your little one will want to read it over and over again.

2 // My New Baby, £3.59

Part of a series designed to help new siblings adjust, My New Baby is a definite must read and has fabulous illustrations for your little one to relate to.

3 // I’m a New Big Brother: A Pirate Pete Book, £5.24

Part of Ladybird’s successful Pirate Pete and Princess Polly toddler range, this book was Jack’s favourite partly due to the sound button that features a baby’s giggle. I’m a New Big Sister is also available.

4 // What’s in Your Tummy Mummy?, £5.99

I adore Sam Lloyd’s books and this is no exception. Witty and interactive with flaps to lift, your little one will love it.

5 // I’m a Big Sister, £4.79

This book is beautifully illustrated and is brilliant for letting your older child know she has a very important role to play when there is a new baby in the home. I’m a Big Brother is also available.

6 // The New Baby, £4.99

Another lovely book with beautiful illustrations, The New Baby is uncomplicated, easy to follow and the perfect book for introducing the concept of a new baby to siblings.

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