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pink_lining_logoFor me, a changing bag has to fit two criteria; stylish and functional, but with a plethora of bags on the market, it can be a huge undertaking finding the right bag.

When I was pregnant with Jack (baby #1), my observation obsessions included prams and changing bags. I was intrigued to see what other mums had purchased and I wanted to make sure that I was aware of every possible option available to me before buying ‘the one’. As with a lot of first time mums, I was over-researching everything (google was, and still is, my best friend!) and after a lot of deliberation I eventually plumped for a changing bag (and pram) that fitted the bill. To be honest, I picked well on the changing bag front (it was an Oioi number for those of you wondering) and the bag is still going strong 3 years later.

When I fell pregnant with Phoebe I decided I *needed* a new bag, after all I had had the other one over 2 years! So when Pink Lining offered me one of their gorgeous ‘Not-So-Plain-Jane’ changing bags during my second pregnancy, I was thrilled that the whole ‘bag choosing’ conundrum was taken out of my hands and was one less thing to worry about.

Pink Lining sell a range of practical and stylish changing bags (amongst other things) lined with their infamous, signature pink lining. If I’m perfectly honest I discounted their iconic ‘Yummy Mummy’  bag first time around as although the bag looked great and was obviously a popular choice amongst my fellow mummy friends, I’m just really not a fan of the phrase ‘yummy mummy’ which is emblazoned across the front. However, the Pink Lining range has expanded dramatically over the last three years and there are now tons of lovely bags to choose from.


Pink Lining sent me the flamingo print ‘Not-So-Plain-Jane’ bag and I love it. In their words the ‘Not-So-Plain-Jane’ is a pared down and grown up take on the best selling ‘Yummy Mummy’ bag which suits me perfectly.

On first impressions the ‘Not-So-Plain-Jane’ bag seemed a lot smaller than my previous changing bag and I was worried it might be a bit small for everything I cart about for the kids, but I was pleasantly surprised when I transferred all my paraphanalia over, as the bag was like a mini tardis with clever pockets to keep everything to hand. 

Lined with the signature water resistant bright pink lining, the internal features include 2 insulated bottle holders, 2 large elasticated pockets, ideal for keeping nappies and wipes in, a phone pocket, a key fob (gone are the days when I need to rummage around for ages trying to find those pesky door keys), a pen holder, a detachable mirror (which doubles up as a great distractor when trying to change Phoebe’s nappy!) and a small zip pocket.


The bag also comes with a padded, wipe clean changing mat and a zippable ‘wet bag’ which I actually use as a ‘dry bag’ keeping a nice, clean set of clothes for the little lady in the case of an emergency!


The exterior of the bag is made of 100% cotton canvas with an EVA coating, making it incredibly practical for day-to-day use as it’s super easy to wipe clean. It also has a zip pocket on the exterior and two elasticated canvas side pouches which are perfect for drink bottles or snacks.


The two canvas handles are super soft and comfortable and can be joined with the leather strap in the centre of them that snaps them together. It also comes with an adjustable, detachable shoulder strap that is long enough to fit over any pram/buggy handle bars.

The ‘Not-So-Plain-Jane’ bag is now available in three different designs: (from left to right) Birdcage, Cream bows on red and Hydrangea.
At £69 , the ‘Not-So-Plain-Jane’ changing bag isn’t the cheapest changing bag on the market, but I think for the quality it is definately worth the money.

Overall I’m a huge fan of this ‘Not-So-Plain-Jane’ changing bag. Not only does it look good, it’s also functional, practical and great quality.

If I was ever in need of another changing bag, I would definitely buy another Pink Lining changing bag (it would have to be the Bramley Tote – they look gorgeous!), and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their bags to my friends and family. It’s also worth pointing out that Pink Lining do ‘twins bags’ which are a lot larger than their other bags, ideal for those of you with twins or two young children.

You can find all the latest news from Pink Lining on their Facebook and Twitter pages and to see the full range of their changing bags and other brilliant products, check out their website.

Disclosure: I was very kindly sent this changing bag free of charge for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are my own and I’d still rave about it even if i’d paid for it!

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  • IngaDecember 2, 2014 - 6:42 pm

    What a fab bag, a bit like you I wasn’t so keen on the ‘yummy mummy’ logo on the bags as I certainly didn’t feel like a yummy mummy but these are gorgeous! However, I have already bought 2 bags in the 3 years of having Isabella, would it be a bit over the top to buy another for when the new baby arrives???? I’ll see what I can get away with as I’ve seen some lovely ones since my last purchase 😉

    I was just wondering what you do now with your bag, I know you used to do a lot of photography before, I presume you still do so do you ever lug your DLSR around, a small compact or don’t bother? It drives my hubby mad when I have the baby changing bag and the camera bag, hence why I love that Kelly Moore Beautiful Mess bag but I’m not sure that would be big enough to cater for both camera (D700), baby & toddler!! So hard to find a bag which suits all my needs and without breaking my back carrying it all! If you know of any, I’d love to hear about them, thanks xReplyCancel

    • Steph@HelloBabyDecember 4, 2014 - 8:46 pm

      You can never have too many bags Inga :) I don’t tend to take my DLSR out with me much and if I do I just tend to take a larger handbag and throw in everything; changing stuff and camera stuff together. xReplyCancel

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