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Orchard Toys Where do I live?If you were to venture into the children’s playroom and open the ‘games cupboard’ you will see that we are partial to playing an Orchard Toy game or two. From the ‘Post Box Game’ that’s a huge hit with Phoebe to the ‘Lunch Box Game’ that we all love to play, Orchard Toy games are not only bright and colourful they’re also educational. So when Orchard Toys asked us to review their ‘Where do I live?’ game, I jumped at the chance.

Orchard Toys are designed with the ethos ‘Learning Made Fun’ and ‘Where do I live?’ is certainly no exception. The concept is very easy for little ones to understand; it’s essentially an animal lotto game which tests your child’s memory skills however in addition your child is also gaining a better understanding of the world as they match different animals to their habitats.

‘Where do I live?’ consists of four different boards (one for each player) that represent four different habitats: the ocean, the desert, the rainforest and the polar regions and 28 individual cards that feature animals and explorers.  Each of the habitat boards has 6 animals on it plus an all-important explorer and the aim of the game is to find each of these 7 characters before your opponents.

The game is super simple to play and although the recommended age range is 3-6 years old, Phoebe (nearly 2) can play it with ease, so it’s a great family game to include younger siblings.

To start the game, each player chooses a habitat board and all the animal and explorer cards are spread out, face down, on the table (or the carpet in our case).

Orchard Toys Where do I live?Orchard Toys Where do I live?

The youngest player begins by turning over an animal card and if the animal is shown on their habitat board, they place the card over the matching square. If the animal isn’t on their board, they must show it to the other players and return it to the table face down. Play then passes to the next person.

Once a a player has collected all the animals on their board, they then need to find their explorer card using the same method.

The winner is the first player to collect all the matching animal cards and explorer on their board.

Orchard Toys Where do I live?Orchard Toys Where do I live?Orchard Toys Where do I live?Orchard Toys Where do I live?

In addition to the fun lotto game, the underside of each board is filled with fun facts about the animals on that board and the habitat, so once the game is over, your little ones can learn a little bit more about the very different habitats of the world. This is a fun way for children to learn and one such fact is ‘ ‘Polar Bears actually have black skin.  It is their furry coats that make them look white, as the hollow hairs reflect the light!’.  Who knew?!

Orchard Toys Where do I live?

Orchard Toys are totally dependable for producing fun yet educational games that children adore playing over and over again. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve played Where do I live? over the past few months with my two and I anticipate it will be accompanying us on another holiday very soon!

Where do I live? has an RRP of £9.50 and can be bought here.

Disclosure: We were sent Where do I live? for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own

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