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Joie Every Stage Car Seat

For the past couple of months, we’ve been putting the Joie Every Stage Car Seat through its paces. Joie are infamous in the car seat market for manufacturing affordable, excellent quality car seats and having reviewed their Joie i-anchor last year which we loved (and still do), I was excited to see how the Every Stage matched up.

The Joie Every Stage Car Seat, does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a car seat suitable for every stage (Group 0+,1,2,3) and can be used from birth until approximately 12 years old. This is a massive selling point and saves you the hassle and cost of splashing out on a new seat every time your child has a growth spurt! 

Joie Every Stage Car SeatFurthermore the Every Stage Car Seat has a whole plethora of features and safety benefits:

  • Suitable from birth, the Joie Every Stage Car Seat is used in a rear-facing position for your newborn and can continue to be used rear-facing until your child is 18kgs (approximately 4 years old). If you prefer, the seat can also be used in a forward facing position when your little one reaches 9kg (approximately 9 months) but rearward-facing car seats are up to five times safer than forward-facing car seats in a head-on collision, so having the option to keep your child rearward-facing until four-years-old makes the Joie Every Stage Car Seat a brilliant buy. Unfortunately Jack is too big to use the seat rear-facing but having trialled it with Phoebe the only issue at this stage that we encountered relates to the seatbelt. As the seat is fitted in the car with the car’s own seat belt, the seat belt passes the door side of the seat which causes a slight barrier when placing your little one in the seat and means you have to lift your baby over the belt to put them in the seat. This isn’t such an issue when your little one is a baby but as they get bigger and heavier, it might prove to be more of an issue.
  • The Joie Every Stage Car Seat is really easy to install throughout the different stages. There are three different installation modes: Baby Mode (birth to 18kg, rear-facing) , Toddler Mode (9kg to 18kg, forward-facing) and Junior Mode (15kg to 36kg, forward facing).

Baby mode:

When rear-facing, you need to adjust the angle of the child restraint to position 5 and the seat belt is used to secure the seat in place. Your little one is then secured in the seat using the 5 point harness.

Toddler mode:

In toddler mode the seat is secured by passing the seatbelt through the back of the car seat and buckling it into place and once again your little one uses the 5 point harness to secure themselves.

Junior mode:

In junior mode, your little one will use the car’s own seat belt to secure themselves and the 5 point harness is redundant. Ingeniously the harness doesn’t need to be removed, but instead is cleverly stowed away in the harness hideaway compartment behind the seat pad. This is the mode we currently use for Jack.

  • The seat is very easy to adapt to your growing child and thankfully the multi-height headrest and harness system adjust simultaneously and require no re-threading of the harness. The 10 position height adjustable headrest can be swiftly lifted up and down one-handedly using the lever at the top of the seat and once you reach position six, the AutoAdjust side wings widen as the headrest is raised to accommodate your growing child.


  • The Joie Every Stage has been designed with plush fabrics and cushioning and has deep padded sides in both the seat and head area to offer the ultimate in protection and comfort. In addition, for babies and smaller children (up to 9kg), Joie provide an infant insert to offer extra support for their little heads and necks.




  • The seat has 5 recline positions; 1 in rear-facing mode and 4 forward facing to offer tilt options at every age. I find it easier to recline the seat before Jack sits in it if I know he’ll have a sleep on a longer journey, however it can be adjusted when he’s sat in the seat, it’s just a little more difficult to do.

Joie Every Stage Car Seat

  • Built in side ventilation increases your little one’s comfort.
  • There are handy little pockets on the sides of the seat for your little one’s must have travel items. Jack’s usually contains some form of whistle (much to my delight!), a notepad and pen.

Joie Every Stage Car Seat

  • The colour coded installation paths confirm that you have correctly installed the seat which is really helpful and gives you total peace of mind.
  • The seat features enhanced side impact protection with Guard Surround Safety panels that can be folded into the seat when not required. The seat itself also has a reinforced steel inner shell to increase its structural integrity.


The following video shows you how the Every Stages adapts across the different stages and highlights its brilliant features.


The Joie Every Stage Car Seat comes in four different colours – Eclipse, Two Tone Black, Urban and Salsa. 

Joie Every Stage Car Seat

Value for money

At £159.99 (current price at John Lewis) I think the Joie Every Stage Car Seat is excellent value. If you buy this seat and use it from birth until your little one is 12, that works out at under £14 a year which is incredible value for money.

In Summary

We have all been really bowled over by the Joie Every Stages Car Seat. As parents , Andy and I have been really impressed with the excellent quality, numerous safety features and ease-of-use, but most importantly, Jack finds it really comfortable, even on long journeys. It’s also lightweight making it easier to move between cars which is a huge bonus for us as we are constantly swapping the seats between our cars.

I wholeheartedly recommend the Joie Every Stages Car Seat and I’m looking looking forward to seeing how it grows with Jack and Phoebs over the coming years.

You can find all the latest news from Joie on their Facebook and Twitter pages and to see the full range of their brilliant products, check out their website.

Disclosure: I was very kindly sent the Joie Every Stage Car Seat free of charge for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are my own and I’d still rave about it even if i’d paid for it!

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