Me & Mine: A family portrait project // February 2015

Two months in and I feel like I’ve failed this little project already by opting for a last minute family selfie this month. I had such grand plans of taking another lovely family photo in a pretty location, but the kids seem to have been hit with every bug going this month culminating in a bout of chickenpox for Jack, so we had to make do with this….


It was taken in Bramhall Park after a week of being cooped up at home due to the pox and it pretty much sums up my little family! Phoebs is currently obsessed with ears, noses and eyes and is more often than not seen prodding and poking people and Jack’s tongue always makes an appearance when a camera is in sight!

February has been a pretty hectic, germ filled month! Our household has succumbed to chickenpox, chest infections and colds galore but apart from the illnesses we have managed to have plenty of fun-filled days too. Jack had his first cinema experience watching Peppa Pig with Andy, I managed to escape to 2 hen parties which were brilliant fun, and Phoebe is developing the funniest little personality. As always we have had lots of playdates and my fitness campaign is still going strong with bi-weekly PT sessions which i’m actually enjoying now i’m fitter.

If you missed the previous instalments on my ‘ Me & Mine: A family portrait project ‘, you can click on them here: January

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