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Since I started this blog a couple of years ago, I’ve been really fortunate to work with a whole host of lovely brands and this year really is no exception. At the beginning of the year I received a very exciting email from Leapfrog asking me to be one of their ambassadors for 2016 and I am over the moon.

For those of you not familiar with Leapfrog, they are a brand that are renowned for their award-winning educational toys and games and are right up my street. I’m a huge fan of toys that are not only fun but those, that through the power of play, will also educate our little ones.

As part of our Leapfrog ambassadorship this year, we’ll be bringing you news of Leapfrog’s brilliant products and we are very excited that we get the opportunity to put a number of Leapfrog’s educational toys and games to the test and share our reviews with you.

LeapPad Platinum

Jack was recently send the LeapPad Platinum to put through its paces and after reading rave reviews about it from fellow bloggers, I was very intrigued to see the Platinum in action first-hand.

Children’s tablets have evolved enormously in the past few years and although the LeapPad Platinum is no competition to the likes of the iPad Mini in the style stakes, it offers a robust design with a shatter-safe screen and wraparound rubber bumper, which is invaluable when in the hands of a heavy-handed little person!

LeapPad Platinum

Available in green or purple, the LeapPad Platinum is aimed at children aged between 3 and 9. It’s the first children’s tablet that Jack has played with and he loves it, as do I! I could waffle on and on about how brilliant I think the LeapPad Platinum is, but to keep it more concise I have highlighted the main features below:


In terms of specifications, the LeapPad Platinum boasts a powerful punch. It has a respectable 1 GHz processor and a 7-inch capacitive screen with the best resolution to date (1024 x 600) on a LeapPad tablet that delivers big, crisp, sharp graphics. The screen is a touch screen so can be controlled with a finger or the nifty soft-ended stylus and there is a directional pad and home button on the front which makes it super easy for little ones to navigate.

LeapPad Platinum

Battery life:

The built-in rechargeable battery last around five hours. This is slightly less than its predecessor, the LeapPad 3, but is long enough to get you through most car journeys and short haul flights.

Robust Parent Controls

The LeapPad Platinum allows parents to create user profiles for their children enabling parents to take control over how your little one utilises the LeapPad.

LeapPad Platinum

LeapPad Platinum

You can limit access to certain apps, disable the wi-fi and even set time restrictions. Ingeniously time limits can also be set each time the tablet is turned on if you only want your little one to play with it for an hour, for example. A countdown timer lets them know how much longer they have left.

These robust parental controls offer peace of mind that your little ones can play safely and only access what you want them to access.

LeapPad PlatinumLeapPad Platinum

Apps and Games

The LeapPad Platinum comes pre-loaded with a plethora of apps and games to entertain your children including a PhotoFun app that lets them add funny filters to the photos they have taken themselves on the LeapPad’s 2-megapixel camera, a music app where they can listen to pre-loaded songs and a pet chat app that lets your child send pre-approved messages to their friends who also own a LeapPad.

LeapPad Platinum

In addition to the pre-loaded apps and games, there are over 800 available as paid downloads in the LeapFrog App Centre. You can also go ‘old-school’ and purchase cartridge games for your LeapPad Platinum, and these have been a huge hit with Jack.

LeapPad PlatinumLeapPad Platinum

Jack’s firm favourite cartridge at the moment is Disney-Pixars Monsters University (problem solving based), but he also really loves his Jake and the Never Land Pirates game (mathematics based) and his Octonauts game (Science based).

LeapPad PlatinumLeapPad Platinum

Children can also browse the App Centre and add apps and games to a ‘wishlist’ for their parent’s to (hopefully!) buy them. This feature isn’t much use to Jack, as at 4 years old he likes the look of everything, but is a handy feature for older children who understand exactly what they are adding to the list.

Internet browser

The LeapPad Platinum has a safe, protected web browser that gives children access to pre-approved content that has been curated just for kids, such as child-appropriate viral videos and information about dinosaurs for example. It’s no google, but it’s great for your children to have a delve around the internet without worrying about what they might come across.


Each LeapPad Platinum comes with 6 bonus LeapFrog Imagicards that are ultimately used to interact with games on the screen. This augmented reality feature is great fun, especially for younger children, and really does enhance the learning experience through spelling, puzzles and problem solving.

LeapPad Platinum

LeapPad PlatinumLeapPad Platinum

Using the LeapPad’s camera to simply take a photo of the card, it suddenly (and magically in children’s eyes) brings the card to life. Jack loves playing with the Paw Patrol Imagicards, as not only do the characters pop up on the screen when he photographs them, he also has to find the right card to be scanned into the game, as the cards are used to unlock the gameplay. Your little one can even take ‘selfies’ with their favourite characters!

In Summary

As a parent, I’m always trying to discourage my two from too much ‘screen time’, as I’d rather they play outside / be active / get crafty etc. However there are (many) times when Andy and I rely on electronic devices to entertain Jack and Phoebs and much to my delight, the LeapPad Platinum is always Jack’s first request.

At £79.99 (you can buy it on Amazon here), I think the LeapPad Platinum is excellent value for money and the ‘free’ apps and games pre-loaded will entertain your little ones for a good while. However, if you would like to buy additional apps and games, they can feel quite pricey compared to iOS offerings for example, but knowing that they are educational, quality and advert free most definitely makes up for it.

The LeapPad Platinum is educational, safe, secure, robust and most importantly fun, and in my opinion, you can’t ask for anything more in your child’s first tablet.

Disclosure: We were very kindly sent the LeapPad Platinum free of charge for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are my own and I’d still rave about it even if i’d paid for it!

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  • TanitaJuly 15, 2016 - 8:10 pm

    The leapPad platinum looks amazing and very educational. sophia is going into year one in September and I can see her definitely loving the leapPad. Fantastic review XReplyCancel

  • LoriJuly 15, 2016 - 8:26 pm

    I feel like a mean mummy as i still haven’t really let F use any sort of gaming, app, tech learning tool and he’s 5….this does look good though and has reminded me to get the leapfrog pen out and try and hook it up to our world map xReplyCancel

  • Rebecca | AAUBlogJuly 19, 2016 - 2:11 pm

    this sounds perfect, really nice size too. We need to get something like this to get my son away from the iPad!ReplyCancel

  • Fozia SJuly 19, 2016 - 3:51 pm

    Oh this looks great. I got a couple of Leapfrog products for my eldest when she was younger, but haven’t yet for my youngest. May consider getting this.ReplyCancel

  • JodieJuly 20, 2016 - 6:56 am

    I love this! The leapfrog items are always really durable too which is brilliant for kids.ReplyCancel

  • Janine DolanJuly 20, 2016 - 11:56 am

    I am in the middle of purchasing a new tablet for my sons birthday but I’m still not quite sure which one. I want one where you can download movies too. The extra things you can get with the leap pad might be expensive but it’s very educational and probably something my son would love.ReplyCancel

  • This Mama LifeJuly 20, 2016 - 1:08 pm

    LeapFrog are such a great brand! We only have the reading bits at the moment but will definitely look into a LeapPad as well! This one looks fab :) xReplyCancel

  • StephanieJuly 20, 2016 - 8:54 pm

    My kids do love their tablets, these look a great tablet too. Robust and safe.ReplyCancel

  • Mrs HJuly 20, 2016 - 10:49 pm

    It looks like Leapfrog have thought of everything with the Leapfrog Platinum. I really like the sound of all the parental controls. As controlling what Little Miss H has access to is always a concern of mine. I also think that it is great that you can add time restrictions. I am sure Little Miss H would adore this. Great review. Hugs Lucy xxxxReplyCancel

  • Sarah HPJuly 21, 2016 - 8:40 am

    This product looks excellent! I think all of my kids would enjoy playing with this and it looks very well designed for parental peace of mind. The cards look very cool too.ReplyCancel

  • CharlotteJuly 21, 2016 - 8:11 pm

    This looks great! My daughter smashed my iPad screen so I am all for children’s tablets! xxReplyCancel

  • Fritha StricklandJuly 27, 2016 - 8:39 am

    Wilf has the older version of this! I love how robust they are! xReplyCancel

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