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One of the hardest challenges for any home-owner is working out to maximise their available space. It seems that no matter how big our homes are, space is always at a premium and it’s spare rooms that can often become a battle-ground between whether they’re used as workplaces, guest bedrooms or both!

If you’re lucky enough to have children, then it’s common for the spare room to become an extension to their playground with an endless variety of toys and clothing being littered everywhere. So I think it’s always a good idea to try and give your spare room a vague sense of purpose to stop it just becoming another storage area!


Many of us who spend some time working from home will often use spare rooms as makeshift offices for a few hours each day. But rather than being sterile spaces that serve just one function, some of these feminine office spaces can show how spare rooms can provide a workspace without rendering the area uninhabitable for the rest of the time.

These lovely work areas have been facilitated through the use of soothing and neutral colours, and the spare use of chic modernist lighting stops them from feeling too clinical. What’s best is the way that the desks are never allowed to overpower the room, which is the same concept that can be found in this alternative to sofas and beds at the Bedstar site as the day beds can simply be rolled away to allow the room to be used for purposes other than sleeping!


Day beds are a particularly good example of how a choice selection of furniture can help our spare rooms become multi-functional. And even something as simple as having furniture on casters can help make a spare room a much more flexible space that’s capable of being a part-time spare room and a part-time man cave.

Using a spare room as a man cave is something that we’ve all seen a lot more of recently with gaming emporiums popping up in even the most unsuspecting places. But what about us girls? Thankfully some choice wall art can swiftly transform a masculine space into a babe cave of your dreams too!

Above all it’s about keeping your design ideas relatively neutral, and your furniture choices multi-functional to ensure that your spare room is capable of fulfilling your ever-changing wishes. So whether it’s treating your spare room to a multi-purpose day bed, or just applying some pleasing neutral aesthetic touches to your walls, you can easily give your spare room a whole new lease of life!

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