Getting Your Garden Ready For Christmas

You might lament how quickly the evenings are getting shorter, but there’s one benefit to all the darkness: it’s officially Christmas light time. In some neighbourhoods there’s some stiff competition to having the best light display on the street, so make sure you don’t get caught out. There’s all sorts of different lighting products and styles to work with, so the only limit is your imagination.

Fairy Lights // 

A classic winter treat, fairy lights come in a huge array of lengths, warmths, and colours to customise your garden display, and have almost infinite uses. Wrap them around your door wreath for a subtle nod to the festive season, or around the rails of your porch to make a welcoming display as visitors approach your home. You could also combine them with the plants in your garden as well, as fairy lights can make a magical feel when draped through bushes and trees.

Fairy lights

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Character Decor // 

If you’re really into Christmas, there’s lots of ideas for buying character lanterns to sit in your garden. Popular figures always include Santa and his Reindeer, or even Rudolph with a couple of pals, but don’t be afraid to branch out. There are some seriously cute winter themed lights out this year, including stars, polar bears, and penguins to turn your garden into a winter wonderland. If you don’t have any trees in the garden, you could always get a green LED Christmas tree to add a forestry feel.


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Lanterns //

If fairy lights and characters aren’t quite your cup of tea, you can use lanterns to design a garden or porch display. Use glass hanging lanterns to store fairy lights or ornaments for a touch of class, or use circular lanterns hanging off a tree or verandah to look like Christmas tree decorations. Using glittery decor can look really magical in the sunlight or in the darkness, once the lights have been switched on.

Christmas lanterns

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Icicle Lights // 

Finally, one of the most effective ways to decorate a large amount of space is to use icicle lights, and these are so easy to just string up wherever you fancy. Similar to fairy lights, these have ‘dripping’ chains of light, creating the effect of a frosty icicle. These can come in different light settings; they can flash so it looks like they are dripping or can be left static, but either way they look best hanging from a porch, windowsill, or stair rail.

Icicle lights

How do you get your garden ready for Christmas?

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