We got our festive on a few weeks ago and were invited to the newly refurbished and excellent fun Queens Skate.Dine.Bowl in London by BABY born, who have brought out a new BABY born Wonderland Fairy Rider doll and BABY born Wonderland Dragon just in time for Christmas.


The BABY born Interactive Wonderland Fairy Rider Doll cries real tears, opens and closes her eyes, eats and drinks and even goes to the loo. My daughter was totally beside herself with excitement and has suggested we buy one for each of her classmates for Christmas – they should be so lucky!  She wears a  fairy-themed dress and comes with 9 life-like functions and 11 accessories. There’s certainly enough to keep even the shortest of attention spans busy this holiday, and what self-respecting four year old wouldn’t want a doll that wees!

The BABY born Interactive Wonderland Dragon comes with a magic wand and a dragon egg. When you tap its forehead with the magic wand it makes dragon sounds and if you tap the dragon again it starts walking, flaps its sparkly wings, makes dragon sounds and both of its eyes and nostrils light up. It also comes with a dragon egg that hatches into a cute dragon baby. The kids have loved playing with it and I think it’s a sweet toy for children aged between 2 and 5.

They both make great ideas for pressies for Christmas and they come with batteries.  Just don’t forget to buy extra batteries as I can see these being a great hit over the festive season.

Disclosure: My sister Jen and her family (Hello Baby’s London representatives!) were guests of BABY Born for the purpose of this post, however all opinions and views are entirely ours. 

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