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Not really loving your bathroom at the moment? You’re not the only one. Even if you once adored the way your bathroom was set up, decorated and cleaned, it doesn’t always stay that way, especially with kids and people coming and going. Our plans for a pristine bathroom go out the window and we end up settling on what we get.

Believe me, it doesn’t have to be that way. If your bathroom doesn’t make you feel nice, squeaky clean and relaxed after you leave it, you should make some changes to how it’s set out and possibly make some repairs. This doesn’t have to be a full-on renovation (although, if you have the time, money and inclination, why not). Many of us can’t afford to do so. So here are some small ways to make big improvements.

Do a deep clean // 

You may not even realise the grime that has been living on, under and around all of your bathroom surfaces for years. Yes, we clean our bathrooms regularly, but how long has it been since you took every little thing out of there and gave it a really good scrub with bleach-infused water and possibly some other deep-clean products? Hmm. Perhaps it’s time for a good old deep clean?

Giving your bathroom a proper deep clean means cleaning the fixtures, laundering all of your towels and curtains, cleaning the windows inside and out, removing and cleaning the countertops and shelving, cleaning the entire toilet in depth, descaling the taps, etc. This can make an absolutely enormous difference in how you bathroom, looks, feels and (frankly), smells.

Add more light //


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Sometimes it’s simply a lack of light that brings a bathroom from “ooh, lovely” to “hmm, not the best”. It’s important to think about how many lumens your bathroom needs – you can calculate this online. If it’s gloomy, think about replacing windows with bigger versions. Normally people go for uPVC windows in bathrooms since they are easier to clean and are good insulators to boot.

If you don’t want to do any DIY or building work, think about adding light fixtures or replacing your current ones. It can make a huge difference to have a well-lit mirror to get ready in front of in the morning. Wake up better by having brighter lights and see the dirt more easily, too! Even just getting some brighter bulbs can really help.

Clear the clutter // 

Just like in any room in our homes, clutter tends to accumulate as time goes on. In bathrooms, this can sometimes look like drawers filled with extra shampoo bottles and general stuff that we put in drawers when we’re cleaning up. However, this clutter invades space and makes it feel very disorganised. It’s difficult to relax when you’re surrounded by stuff all the time!

So get rid of all the clutter. A good rule of thumb is, if you rarely open this drawer and haven’t used it’s content in over a year, chuck the whole thing out. Perhaps keep some necessities like first aid kit and extra toothpaste, but keep it well-organised and labelled when possible (online there are tons of solutions to be found for keeping drawers organised if you need help). My motto is, when in doubt, chuck it out!

Replace the curtains //


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Shower curtains (and window curtains for that matter) get grubby over time. Yes you can wash them, but they also become damaged and frayed when you wash them regularly (which you definitely should be doing). Ideally, they should be replaced yearly. This also gives you a great opportunity to re-think your bathroom’s aesthetics.

Do you want to have something subdued, funny, pretty or stand-out? There are so many options to choose between when it comes to curtains, and they are easily replaced. So go crazy on your curtain choice and see whether you want to replace your towels or decorations to match. This is the bathroom equivalent of buying a cushion in a bright colour for your living room sofa to see if you’d like it all the time.

Re-do the grouting //

If you don’t mind getting down with the DIY just a little bit, think about your grouting. This is the number 1 issue in slightly grotty bathrooms. It is a little bit of a pain to replace, but makes an absolute world of difference in how your bathroom looks. Before you start on that job, see if the grouting is simply stained. After thoroughly brushing with a stiff brush and scouring powder, apply a solution of 50/50 bleach and water using a sponge or sprayer, wait for 10 minutes, re-apply and wait another 10 minutes.

If the stain remains or your grouting is cracked, it’s time to regrout the tiles. You have to first remove the existing grout from between the tiles. There’s a special tool called a grout rake you can use to do this. Otherwise, for larger areas, an electric tool like a grinder would work better. Then mix up some tile grout or buy pre-mixed grout and apply using a grout float. Wait around 20 minutes, then wipe the surface to remove excess grout live. Then it usually takes around 48 hours to cure so you have to leave it to cure until then.

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