#100happydays // #days22-28

Belatedly, here are the images from #days 22 to 28 of my #100happydays challenge….

Ps. If you don’t have a clue what i’m talking about and what the #100happydays project is, take a peek here… #100happydays post.


#day22 // The garden is starting to look pretty and lush again.


#day23 // This boy makes me smile. He is constantly ‘on the phone’ to his grandparents / buddies from nursery and he has full blown conversations with ‘himself’ which is so cute!


#day24 // Today was a special day as I was asked to be God Mother to the daughter of a very dear friend. It was completely unexpected and I am over the moon. And to be asked via a chocolate heart was even better:)


#day25 // I love watching my dad and my little boy together. ‘Papa’ is one of J’s favourite people in the whole world and it melts my heart seeing them playing together (even when my dad dresses him in a slightly crazy duck tabard that was mine when I was little!)


#day26 // Our first holiday abroad with baby has been booked and the villa looks AMAZING! Thanks Mum and Dad! We are going away with my sister and her family and my parents to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary at the end of Summer and I can’t wait.


day27 // Blog comments make me happy. So thank you for taking the time to leave them and brighten my day.


day28 // Everywhere you go in our house, you nearly trip over a toy and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Are any of you taking part in the #100happydays challenge too? If you are, share your link in the comments as I would love to see your photos.

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