Denim jeans have been ‘the’ casual staple item of clothing for years, but the array of choice can be mind-blowing. From jeggings to skinny jeans, flares to boyfriend jeans, a good pair of jeans is an essential part of your wardrobe, but you really do have to find a pair to suit your body type and your style.

Thankfully House of Fraser’s latest infographic, is on hand to show you how to rock flares, cropped, ripped, boyfriend and every mummy’s favourite, white jeans!

HoF Denim Daze Infographic Texture

I’m a huge skinny jeans fan, but this infographic has made me to want to go and try out some different styles. Which jeans will you be wearing this season?

Disclosure: This Post was written in collaboration with House of Fraser.

As a parent, protecting your little ones from harm is sure to be your number one priority. Part of this involves trying to keep them free from illnesses caused by nasty bugs. While exposure to germs can help to build up your children’s immunity, deliberately exposing your kids to germs is not necessary; the truth is that, whether you like it or not, your little explorers naturally come into contact with enough germs on a day to day basis to develop their resistance. In fact, it’s important to practise good hygiene with your children from a very early age as, not only does this help to protect them from potentially harmful viruses and infections, it also teaches them simple ways they can prevent germs from spreading.

Hand hygiene

From toilet seats, to sandpits, to harmless-looking door handles, your nippers’ hands likely come into contact with a range of potential breeding grounds for germs every day. As every parent knows, children like to explore the world with their mouths as well as their hands and, for many babies, toddlers and small kids, this can mean lots of thumb sucking and finger licking. As well as teaching your little ones to keep their digits away from their chops, it’s important to implement a good handwashing routine. You should encourage your youngsters to view soap and warm water as a friendly duo that can help to keep them clean and healthy. When you’re out and about and Sally Soap and Wally Water aren’t in easy reach, it’s a good idea to carry a packet of antibacterial wipes to ensure that small hands never stay dirty for long. According to Clinell Direct, such wipes are superior to alcohol gel rubs as they disinfect hands rather than merely sanitising them. They can also be used to clean surfaces like public baby changers and restaurant high chairs.

Stay away from sick people

Newborns and small babies are highly vulnerable to germs. In the very early days of your son or daughter’s life, it’s sensible to keep them well away from people with coughs, colds or other contagious illnesses. Politely encourage friends and family not to visit if they are sick and try not to take your children to places where there will be dense crowds of people as some of them are bound to be ill. As your babies grow into big kids, you can loosen the rules a bit but you should teach them to keep their distance from people who are coughing, sneezing or are sick with the flu or stomach bugs. You should advise against sharing drinks bottles, cutlery, handkerchiefs or classroom supplies, such as pencils and paintbrushes, with children who are unwell.

Of course, your kids will pick up bugs from time to time but if you educate them about the importance of handwashing and the benefits of avoiding contact with people who are sick, you can reduce the risk of them picking up nasty germs that can cause problems like gastroenteritis, diarrhoea, skin and ear infections.

*Disclosure: This has been written in conjunction with Clinell Direct

As part of the ‘ways to wear’ campaign, I was recently asked by George at Asda to choose a ‘hero item’ from their range and create three different outfits centred around it. With a strict budget to stick to, and unfamiliar with the George brand, I thought it would be a real challenge to buy three different outfits, including accessories for a maximum of £100, but after browsing the George website for the first time I was pleasantly surprised (and slightly amazed) at the value for money their clothing offers.

The hardest part of the challenge for me was to choose my ‘hero item’ as the choice was so vast and there were so many items I liked the look of. But after a lot of pondering, I plumped for this lovely striped pencil skirt (£8) which I chose after talking through the options with my fashionista sister-in-law. She’s a huge pencil-skirt fan and although I wasn’t sure it would suit me, I took her advice and I’m so glad I did.


I’m now a huge pencil skirt convert; not only are they incredibly flattering, they are also easy to dress up or down depending on the occasion.

So what did I choose to go with the lovely pencil skirt?


Outfit One //

I was going for a smart/casual daytime look with this outfit. I love the navy woven cami (£6) as it’s very flattering over my ‘mum-tum’ thanks to its floaty fit. The floral tube Gladiator Sandals (£12) and white square sunglasses (£3.50) add to the summery feel and are both really comfortable.


Outfit Two//

Another casual daytime look but with a different vibe.  I love the summery colour of this coral turn-up sleeve t-shirt (£4) and for the price it’s brilliant quality, in fact I’ve been back and purchased it in a few different colours! I’m a huge trainer fan and these white canvas pumps (£6) are really comfortable and complete my sporty chic look, it’s just a challenge keeping them pristine!


Outfit Three//

A slightly smarter look that would be perfect for a summery day in the office. This white camisole (£4) is part of a two pack (one black, one white) and is a great length. The London Chic Waterfall Kimono Cardigan (£22) is an ideal cardigan for warm weather days and the fabric is super soft and slightly silky. The shape is also really flattering which is always a winner! I love this Woven clutch bag (£9), which is large enough for all my essentials and the plait strap sandals (£10) are really comfortable and look fab.

I’m really pleased with my three outfit choices and can you believe all of the above came to just under £85, what brilliant value!

I’ve worn all the items numerous times since the challenge and I definitely picked well as all the ‘top half’ items and shoes look great with jeans and the pencil skirt looks as lovely with flip flops as it does a pair of wedges.

I’ve been really impressed with both the George at Asda clothing range and the quality of the clothes and I’ll definitely be popping back again soon.

Have you seen the range of clothes available in George? Which items would you pick?

Disclosure: I was very kindly sent these items for the purpose of this post, however all words and opinions are entirely my own.

A few months ago Phoebe was asked to be a Konfidence Swimologist and as part of her role, she has been enjoying swimming lessons with Aqua Babies at a local primary school. We are now in her second term and she absolutely adores the lessons. From the moment she gets in the pool (which is nice and toasty as it’s a hydrotherapy pool), she has a huge smile on her face and nothing seems to faze her. She hasn’t quite grasped the notion of kicking, but she loves being swished around the pool, splashing in from the side, holding on to the side rail and she’s doing brilliantly with her underwater swims. She’s pretty fearless and very confident in the water, in part thanks to Jack who seems to soak her every bath time!


I’ve been really impressed with Aqua Babies and can wholeheartedly recommend them if you are looking for baby swimming classes in the North West. Jack started lessons with them when he was 8 weeks old and continued weekly until he was 2. He’s now a brilliant little swimmer and very confident in the water and I hope Phoebe will follow suit.

Swimming with Phoebe is usually a mummy / Phoebe activity every Thursday afternoon, but this week daddy took to the water to enable me to shoot a little video to show you how she is getting on. It was lovely being a spectator for a change!

Phoebe always wears a Konfidence Aqua Nappy with a Konfidence NeoNappy over the top for double layer protection. The Aqua Nappy is a reusable, eco-friendly swim nappy that is made doubly secure with an adjustable Velcro sash and poppers, allowing it to be sized up from 3 months to around 30 months in age. It’s a brilliant investment if you swim regularly with your little ones and want to save your pennies (and the environment) by not having to buy disposable swim nappies. The NeoNappy is swim school approved and perfect for those schools that require double layer protection. There are lots of lovely designs, but as a fan of polka dots I chose the spotty one.


I hope you like the little video to see how much she enjoys her lessons with Aqua Babies and I’ll update you again soon. Does your little one attend swimming lessons?

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    Awwww I love this Steph, the video is so cute and SO good! Nice to get a bit of Daddy eye candy too! ;) hehe. xxReplyCancel

    • Steph@HelloBabyJuly 27, 2015 - 1:04 pm

      Ah thanks love. Ha, I’ll let him know :) xReplyCancel

If you’re Cheshire based (or willing to travel) and looking for a different outdoor activity to throw into the mix, I can highly recommend fruit picking at Kenyon Hall Farm.


Set in 500 acres of Cheshire and Lancashire countryside, Kenyon Hall Farm is one of the last remaining Pick-Your-Own farms in the North of England and has an impressive 35 acres of summer fruits and vegetables dedicated for Pick-Your-Own. In addition, there is also a fabulous farm shop, a lovely little cafe serving home-cooked fare, a large ‘Plant Centre’ stocking flowers, herbs, fruit trees and vegetable plants, an outdoor picnic area and a fun play area for the kids.


Jack, Phoebe and I spent a wonderful morning at Kenyon Hall Farm today. Upon arrival we headed deep into the fields to fill our punnets with the tastiest, ripest Tayberrys (a cross between a blackberry and raspberry) and Strawberries. Thankfully we were really lucky with the weather and the fields were dry and buggy-friendly. Phoebs was very patient as Jack and I took our time, wandering the extensive fields in search of juicier, bigger berries (probably in part to Jack feeding her numerous berries as we roamed around!).




After filling our punnets to the brim, we stuffed our faces with delicious cakes from the cafe (the homemade Tayberry scone was to die for!) and then had a play in the play area with its custom-made climbing frame, zip-wire, hay bale mountain and vintage tractor. I also finally managed to get some lovely photos of the two of them together on the hay bales, without Jack pulling a face or Phoebe crawling off, result!


We had such a fun morning and we will definitely be returning in the next few weeks to stock up again. Hopefully our next visit will also coincide with the Maize Maze!

Visit Kenyon Hall Farm’s website for more details and directions and to keep up to date with what’s available for picking and special events follow Kenyon Hall on Twitter and Facebook.